Alexey Fursin visiting Choupette

On September 1st , Alexey Fursin,  Department Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow city, visited Choupette's office.

Alexey Anatolyevich held a meeting with Choupette managers, where they discussed the development of the company, Russian production and the problems facing the brand. The personal attention of the EID department head was given to the topic of school clothes. For this years September 1st , Choupette made about 300,000 school uniform sku's.

“With surprise (and with pleasure) I learned that the market is doing well,” A.A. wrote in his telegram channel Alexey Fursin, - Confident optimism comes from the confident leadership, although there were different problems. For example, about the need for many industries to train qualified specialists.”

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of positive and wonderful mood, which corresponds to the general mood on the Knowledge Day. Alexey Fursin highly appreciated the team that forms the pace of brand development and talked about the need to take special support measures.