Choupette does not make discounts, Choupette just gives clothes!

In one day, more than 43,000 children from multi-children families received clothing as a gift from Choupette.

"We decided that just discounts on mother's Day would not be enough, so mothers with three or more children across Russia received gifts from the brand - one model from fashion collections for each child," says Anastasia Vasilkova, development Director of Choupette TM. – It was a surprise to me that we received a lot of calls asking “Is this true?”. This suggests that our moms are not used to receiving gifts for nothing.»

In the morning, the festive excitement began. All security measures were observed, and therefore queues of people who wanted to receive gifts were formed. The campaign was successful, and hundreds of mothers across the country were able to please their children.

Customer Olga Petrova from Kostroma shared her emotions: "Many thanks to TM Choupette! This is so unexpected that until recently I could not believe that it was true. And only when I was given one thing per child (I have 8 children), I realized that such miracles happen!»