Choupette is acknowledged as “Brand of the Year” by the “Golden bear” National award!

“If we fly to the moon, we'll fly in the clothes of the Choupette”, - commented Antonina Tsitsulina, president of the Association of the Baby Products Industry, on brand awards.

The Choupette brand won the “Brand of the Year” nomination of the tenth anniversary award in the field of goods, services and services for children “Golden Bear - 2019”.

This year more than 300 nominees participated in the competition. The judges were leading experts in the field of family and childhood, age-related psychology and physiology, hygiene and safety, as well as the practice of the industry of goods and services for children. The results were announced on March 18 ONLINE on the Mediametrix Radio.

“The Choupette brand is a market star for designer children's clothing, - comments Antonina Tsitsulina, president of the Children's Goods Industry Association. - Weekly we receive releases about the opening of new stores in the UAE, in Qatar, in America. The expert council quite rightly believes that Choupette is an established and recognizable brand, with all the characteristics necessary for "brand of the year". I’m very happy for the brand team and I hope that if we fly to the moon, we will fly in Choupette clothes".

Anastasia Vasilkova, the development director of TM Choupette, deliberately called Choupette a trademark for many years, as she believes: “A brand is not just a trademark, but a set of high-quality characteristics that can be achieved thanks to great efforts for a certain time. Presentation for the "Golden Bear" shows that we took this height. Thank you very much for your recognition! ”

The National Golden Bear Award was established by AIDT in 2010 and is a recognized award. The award encourages the consumer qualities of products and services, the highest achievements for companies and industry leaders. The "Golden Bear" not only symbolizes recognition, but also stimulates business to new achievements, attracts the public attention and the state to the development of childhood infrastructure in the Russian Federation.