The Russian companies have been analysed on such four indicators as the number of shops, sales volume, growth rates, assessment Roskachestva, actions in the midseason.

"Sela, Acoola, Choupette is three champions who the last three years actively have developed and came forward" - said the CEO of the consulting agency Kids Fashion Retail Elena Pismenskaya. “Despite all difficulties of the kidswear market, It’s pleasant to watch development of the separate companies. These companies combat to difficulties and move forward, develop and please us with the new ideas and collections for children. Choupette, Shaluny, Playtoday have increased the retail networks twice”.

The trademark Choupette contains of 103 shops worldwide. Choupette has taken the fourth place on the number of shops. Roskachestvo has found violations almost at all producers when checking kidswear products. The girl sundress of Choupette is called one of the few qualitative goods. The spring Choupette cross-promo with Gala Dance has taken the third place in this category among kidswear producers.

We are very glad to have got in TOP-5 the Russian kidswear producers though economic conditions in Russia prevented companies development at the moment. We feel increase in interest to the Choupette, both among B2B-audience, market analysts and among bloggers, stylists and final buyers” - said Anastasia Vasilkova Business Development Manager TM Choupette.