Choupette launches Baby Shower service

The Russian brand of children's clothing Choupette launches the unique Baby Shower service - with it, friends and relatives can please  future mother with useful gifts.

Baby Shower is a traditional party for the USA and Europe, which is held 3-4 weeks before the baby is born. On this party guests give gifts for the future baby.

In the Choupette online store, future mother can register her Baby Shower, select products from the catalog in the “Wish List” and share it with friends. Those who received the link can make purchases from the list. After a while, the list closes, and mom gets all the purchased goods beautifully packed in a gift box.

Thanks to the Baby Shower service, mom will be able to collect a wardrobe for her baby for a year in advance and will not face the problem of the same gifts. The service allows you to create comfortable conditions for the selection and purchase of necessary things: from envelopes and elegant sets for discharge to fashionable and comfortable clothes from the first days of life.