One of the main representatives of children's fashion Choupette has become a participant in a significant event in the world of children's fashion - Bambino Fashion Week 2019!

Bambino Fashion Week is an annual event held under the auspices of the Dolce Vita model and acting school. And only top designers from all over Russia and the CIS can participate in it!

The event was hosted by Timur Rodriguez, and celebrities such as: Evelina Bledans, Oksana Fedorova and Vyacheslav Zaitsev were invited guests. The accent in the evening program was the Choupette brand show, where a new ceremonial collection, dresses for celebrations and publication was demonstrated. The collection was supplemented with stylish accessories. Professional young models made the show grandiose and also added notes of fabulousness - each guest plunged into a mysterious magical atmosphere for several minutes, as if they were all in a magical land and all the models are princesses and fairies!