The Choupette brand received an award in the ranking of the TOP 500 best franchises of 2023

The Russian children's clothing brand Choupette took first place in the TOP-500 franchise rating according to in the "Clothes and underwear" category. 

The rating was compiled from public data of more than 3,000 firms. Each company developing under the franchising system was evaluated according to the formula: the number of open franchises in 2022 multiplied by the total number of investments.

The Choupette retail chain is constantly growing and developing and currently has 95+ stores worldwide. In 2022, 8 mono-brand franchise outlets were opened. Since the beginning of 2023, 3 new stores have already been launched and 4 new outlets are preparing to open. 

“2022 was dedicated to qualitative changes in the Choupette store chain - restyling of the brand’s visual elements, new formats in education, an increase in the average store area,” says Anastasia Vasilkova, Development Director of TM Choupette. “We are very pleased that these changes have become visible not only to our partners and customers, but also to experts in the franchising market, which is reflected in our high position in the ranking.”