Progress does not stand still, there are more and more new technologies in the world, new materials and fabrics. It was this technological breakthrough that became the inspiration for the new «Matrix» collection for boys. The most fashionable feature of the season is jackets and vests from reflective fabric. Everybody can create a cool look based on such product. For example, this jacket and vest can be combined with both inflated pants, and sports trousers, and jeans. Neat silhouette, waterproof and wind-proof material for maximum style and comfort in the off-season.

This season, Choupette designers combined allthe current trends of youth street style with the fast-growing trend of new technologies: printed fabrics in the form of matrix, letters and codes, glowing in the dark neon colors in prints, decors in the form of LEDs and flashing lights. The main colors of the collection for the boys are: neon, black and gray melange. Bold prints in the form of aliens and falling glowing letters, holographic decors, finishes made of braid and mesh will make the image of a boy bright and very modern, because technology does not stand still, as so doesn’t fashion.

Street fashion is especially emphasized by sports suits with matrix prints, neon glowing sweatshirts, T-shirts and all’s favorite cargo pants. The unusual innovations became models from reflective fabrics, which are not only practical, but also create spectacular futuristic images. The product cut is the most convenient and comfortable, a lot of sports and semisports models.