Anastasia Vasilkova, Director of Development of TM "Choupette", spoke with about why ESG standards have become an integral part of the company's work.

"EGS is an approach to business that includes caring for the environment, a high level of social responsibility and ethical management," says Anastasia, "This approach reflects the expectations of modern society, and companies that actively integrate it into their business become more attractive to investors, consumers and employees, improve their They have a reputation and can count on long-term financial success."

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The Congress of the Association of Children's Products Manufacturers took place in Moscow. The 15th anniversary of the association was celebrated, and the most active participants in the industry were honored with a new award, "Leaders of Childhood Infrastructure." 

The Russian brand of fashionable children's clothing was recognized in the "Clothingnomination, represented by Anastasia Vasilkova, Business Development Director of Choupette.

"Today we are participating in the anniversary Congress. 15 years is a tremendous journey for the industry and its participants; it's experience, it's strength. I am sure that together we will both overcome challenges and celebrate success!" – noted Anastasia Vasilkova.

On November 28, as part of the BRICS+ Fashion Summit, Anastasia Vasilkova, Business Development Director at Choupette, along with invited experts, discussed how fashion brands scale their presence on the global stage.

The session addressed key questions, including the choice of strategy when entering new markets, risk minimization in uncertain conditions, and the preservation of the brand's ideology and creative identity during adaptation to a new audience. Speakers also deliberated on current government measures to support exports in the Russian fashion industry.

Watch the video from the session «Strategic entry. Expanding a fashion brand into new markets» here.


Russian children's clothing brand Choupette participated in India Kids Fashion Week in Mumbai. This annual event is the largest platform for presenting new collections from brands around the world and an opportunity for professionals in the children's fashion industry to exchange experience and achievements.

The show featured Ira and Abeer, winners of the Choupette Fashion Show in Raipur and Delhi. As a prize, Choupette India covered the travel expenses, accommodations and participation in IKFW. The opening ceremony of the fashion show, featuring Choupette's latest seasonal collection, also showcased the dance competition winners. The vibrant opening ceremony of the fashion show with latest seasonal collection by Choupette featured the winners of the dance competition.

"Choupette made an impression on the local audience," commented Marina Zolotoverkh, co-owner of the Choupette store in India. "Many young spectators and participants are already our customers because Choupette is available on the popular Tata CLiQ Luxury marketplace."

In India, Choupette can also be purchased through online store and mono-brand boutiques in New Delhi and Raipur.