Choupette investment franchise as an anti-crisis format.

How did the idea of ​​creating an investment franchise come about?

Of course, we are not the first to come up with an investment franchise, but in the field of fashion it is almost never used. The idea of ​​developing a new format was born from our experiment - a pilot project for franchise management. We brought in Lynn Irons, an international business consultant, to develop innovative methods for managing development processes. In the process of working, we realized that our franchisees feel lonely in their regions, and if at the beginning of cooperation this inspires them to some extent, then later they feel a lack of communication and daily support. Our central office, of course, renders great assistance: training at Choupette University, merchandiser visits, interactive sessions, assistance from managers and the marketing department. But this support occurs in large blocks - it is often difficult for franchisees to assimilate such a volume of information at a time. Upon successful completion of the first phase of the pilot, we concluded that we had placed too much burden on our partners. In most cases, a franchise is bought by people who have no management experience, and therefore they cannot always correctly organize a business. Having reached this conclusion, we realized that the best support we can provide is the daily adaptation of information directly to the daily issues and problems. Our pilot project gave us not only an idea, but also certain algorithms that we have already tested and brought them out as the basic tools of a new format for managing an investment franchise.

What do we mean by an investment franchise.

An investment franchise is understood differently depending on the industry and country. In our interpretation, it is based on the main postulate: the partner invests and bears the investment risks - and the franchisor manages the store. However, our task is not just to take management into our own hands - we want to teach how to manage a store. For several years, we will develop the necessary skills in our partner through the format of an investment franchise, and then we will transfer it to an independent mode. This is our perfect vision of the picture. That is why we do not just manage, but advise and offer ready-made solutions, which we discuss with the franchisee and jointly implement. Thus, the partner actively participates in the process.

Further development of the project.

For us, an investment franchise is a new format that we have used in one store so far, and it has given good results. I think we will have many such examples. The idea that reads between the lines of any franchise, especially in Russia, is to buy a business, get income, but not be "extreme", and in principle, our new format is just in line with this desire.

On July 9, 2020, the grand opening of the Choupette store in Voronezh took place.

The brand store was opened in a new concept - the stylish "Neoclassic". A full assortment of goods awaits visitors: current fashion collections, clothing for celebrations, a school uniform, images for the little ones, christening clothes, children's shoes and accessories.

We are waiting for you at:
Voronezh, Koltsovskaya street house 35, 4th floor
SEC "Gallery Chizhov"
Daily 10:00 to 22:00

On June 1, eleven Choupette stores opened their doors again for customers, and stores in the shopping mall Evropeisky and Central Department Store on Lubyanka are ready to meet visitors on a brand new level.

The bright and unique concept, which has managed to effectively prove itself, is becoming more widespread, therefore, immediately after quarantine, Choupette opened newly updated stores in the shopping mall Evropeisky and in one of the country's oldest shopping centers - the Central Department Store on Lubyanka.

The change in the approach to outlets is associated with the active growth of the brand: the average area of ​​the stores has increased, the assortment matrix and age group have expanded to 12 years old, new collaborations on product categories have appeared.

Anastasia Vasilkova, development director of TM Choupette, predicts a 30% decline in consumer demand after the pandemic. “This is our optimistic forecast, which is also related to our new concept, which will attract customers, both loyal and new,- says Anastasia Vasilkova - At the same time, we are actively preparing for the school season, which begins in June and lasts until August, and is one of the most profitable in children's retail. The new trading equipment optimally meets our needs and allows us to show, in the best possible way, all the advantages of the College collection. ”

Choupette stores in Ufa, Voronezh, Irkutsk and Magnitogorsk are being prepared for the opening in the new concept.