Moscow, December, 2018: The Russian brand Choupette  took part in one of the best-known fashion shows in the  country "Modniy Prigovor". In honor of Alexander Vasilyev's anniversary there was held a short  show called "Defile with pugs" on the main podium of the country in which young models showed elegant and recognizable images of Alexander Vasilyev.

Young gentlemens presented three images from a fashion collection "Ceremony": a solemn suit with a velvet jacket of bottle colored glass with satin lapels and chevrons, a classical soft jacket with blue stripes and a club  blazer in a gray-black cells, with an impudent striped collar and a chevron. Carefully simulated images of the famous fashion historian and the real fop Alexander Vasilyev embodied in children,left nobody indifferent.

Todays trends of adult evening fashion extend also to children's fashion for festive occasions. However, childrens fashion, first of all, always will have a goal to be practical and convenient. Choupette presents  fashion collections of ceremonial dresses for children from 0 to 12 years, covering such important events in life of the kid and his/her parents as: first hospital leave, a baptism, the first birthday, the first morning appearance in kindergarden and the first ball. 

TM Choupette  gives an opportunity to make total look while preparing for a holiday with only one visit to our  shop. To choose elegant footwear to a dress or a suit. For classics lovers  Choupette always have 2nd-suits, shirts and ties butterflies. Lovers of the street culture will find modern bright trousers in a combination with a french jacket  decorated with tapes  for an event appearance.

On December 9th , UltraKids model agency  presented a new Choupette collection. The show was held in a loft styled space,  in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

The event, like new outfits from the brand of children's clothing, has united in itself  a fashionable party  and a family holiday spirits. After the defile, guests and models were offered a cake  and the most long-awaited part of the event - a paper disco.

The director of the Ultrakids model agency, Alina Shugaypova, commented on the organisation of the fashion event: “Inspired by the new holiday dresses for girls from Chopette, we realised that the show should be organised in a homely but at the same time expensive style. Especially for this event we chose loft, sweets for a buffet table to match the color of the collection and decided to make a driving end to the evening. ” This is exactly how Choupette clothing was presented to guests, combining Bohemian style, aesthetics and rebellious spirit.

Choupette introduced a new store concept. The first store of the new format opened in Kazan on December 1st .

The change in the format of retail stores is associated with the active growth of the brand in every aspect: the range matrix and age group have increased. The size range of fashion-collections, according to numerous requests from Choupette clients, in 2018 has grown to size 152.

The new concept implies the interior of stores in the neoclassical style - a large amount of light and space. The basic color has changed: colder bright shades are dominating. The main becomes a combination of white and gray, which is directly associated with elegance and calmness.

One of the main changes is also the increase in the store space and the emergence of new commercial equipment, which allows you to form clothing sets and show how things fit together.

In the central part of the new store, there is a large-scale art object - a three meters in diameter styled carousel in the form of a suspension. Not only this attracts the attention of visitors, but also creates an associative link with the old concept, in which a styled carousel was used as a magnet. The interior now not only helps to demonstrate the range, but also becomes more selling.

Initially, TM Choupette began development as a shop for kids up to 3 years old. Now the key audience of Choupette has become tweens from 8 to 12 years old.

Marketing research of the target audience of the brand showed that sales in retail stores do not inferior and even exceed online purchases by 63%. Since it is important for buyers to evaluate in person the quality of the goods and try things on while buying children's clothes. The majority of Choupette respondents note that the main trigger for brand attraction is a wide and varied range that allows you to collect a complete image in one store and save time while shopping. The brand listens to its customers and annually analyzes and expands its product range, for example, for the AW 18/19 season, Choupette has released membrane shoes and thermal underwear for newborns.

The brand Choupette took part in the Estet Fashion Week 2018 on November 17. Young models showed the last Choupette’s fashion-collections and a festive collection Ceremony.