The children's fashion exhibition CJF, traditionally held in Moscow twice a year, is one of the most important events for each representative of the children's retail market, both for Russian representatives and for international ones.

The Choupette brand, as always, takes part in this event and presented its new fashion collections of the FW 2019 season, outerwear, special occasion dresses, shoes and accessories to the guests of the exhibition.

Choupette won a trendsetter title in children's fashion at the top Russian TV channels, such as "channel One", "World Fashion Channel" , "Detskiy TV" and many others. This time one of the guests at the CJF exhibition was the "Detskiy" TV channel shooting a material about this seasons trends, based on the new Choupette collections FW 19/20. The images were demonstrated by the young model and face of the brand Maria Alexandrova and she also told her impressions on the collection to the channel.
"I love fashion and to feel in the spotlight , but at the same time i need the clothes in my wardrobe to be comfortable. In Choupette I can find everything that allows me to always be in trend and feel comfortable!"- comments Maria Alexandrova.

The brand is growing and expanding every year and right before the exhibition started a contract was signed between Choupette and a representative of the fashion industry in Qatar. The company is actively engaged in the promotion and development of its franchise program, with the help of a unique pilot project aimed at helping to manage the stores of its franchisees, with the help of leading experts of the fashion industry and business consultants.

The Russian brand of children's clothing Choupette has signed a cooperation agreement with Qatar. A three-year program was developed with a partner to develop brand promoting and selling channels - from online platforms and representation in multi-brand department stores to single-brand corners and stores.

“The development of Choupette in Qatar seems very promising to us,” comments Fadi Muaket, a partner in Qatar, - this brand occupies a unique niche in the price field. Moreover, we do not see a competitor in design in our market. We don't have products with such design and price in Qatar. Therefore, we really hope that we will not only implement our development plans, but also do it as soon as possible. We are very pleased that today we signed an agreement with brand Choupette and began our official cooperation. "

International day of knowledge this year fell on the weekend, which means that both children and parents had another day to gain strength for a productive and informative year.

On September 1, the guests of the main Children's department store had the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of fashion and positive, visiting the show organized jointly with the international club of models "Grani". Choupette once again takes part in the show of the main Children's department store in Lubyanka and this time the brand demonstrated not only fashion collections of the Autumn-Winter 19/20 season, but also looks from college collection to support students on the eve of the first day of school. Choupette always puts comfort and convenience as the basis for creating college collections , but do not forget that every student wants to look bright and stylish!

Also, young models were wearing bows from the new fashion collections for girls - "Fairy forest" and for boys - "Street"and " Arctic". Images from the Autumn-Winter season are characterized by a large selection of outerwear, hoodies and sweaters for boys and longsleeve dresses for girls. The main trend of the season for girls is the "lavender" color and metal fabrics such as gold and silver, bright prints and decor in clothes for boys. The guests of the show had the opportunity to see all main trends of the season in the Choupette collections and began new school year with a truly "fashionable" mood!

Russian children's clothing brand Choupette has more than 100 stores around the world, most of which are franchise. The active growth of the company led to the development and implementation of new corporate governance techniques for the entire network.

"The highest priority for the company right now is the development and expansion of our own retail stores, as well as the promotion and training of our franchisees" - says Anastasia Vasilkova, Development Director of TM Choupette.

Choupette invited Lynn Irons — an international business consultant, to develop new methodologies for managing development processes. Testing of own personnel, products of the company and corporate University was carried out. Choupette University is created primarily for a wide network of brand franchisees. Its main task is to facilitate the processes of entrepreneurs to open and develop the brand in the regions, as well as to standardize and speed up the training of personnel. As a result of the internal audit, it was decided to launch a new project in a pilot mode.

"Of course it is an intrigue, and we will not disclose all the details of the new project and how we plan to achieve results at the launch stage. At the initial stage, we will involve 22 of our franchisees and if the pilot project gives good results, it will be launched to all partners of the network, " Anastasia Vasilkova shared.

If you open the veil of secrecy, the project is based on the synergy of existing processes in Choupette and experience of Lynn Irons in a deep personal vision of the client to its maximum results on the basis of the methodology developed for Choupette.

Lynn irons, an international business coach and consultant for more than 40 years, has conducted workshops and trainings in more than 26 countries. Last 4 years worked in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. He built a consulting company in America, trained 25 consultants to make clients successful. At one time, Lynn was the owner of the franchise, which he bought at the failing stage, and in just 2 years made this franchise a successful business, which entered the top of international rankings.

"The development of the franchise has two goals, the first- to strive to become more successful, the second — the desire to become richer and get more profit. I am very excited to work with Choupette and was incredibly impressed with the whole team, from their professionalism and desire to develop to enthusiasm. Therefore, I am absolutely sure that our jointly developed ideas fall on a very productive and fertile soil, and will yield the expected results. Choupette is a unique project of a business model in the Russian market", - Lynn irons shares her impressions about the project.