Russian children's clothing brand Choupette has more than 100 stores around the world, most of which are franchise. The active growth of the company led to the development and implementation of new corporate governance techniques for the entire network.

"The highest priority for the company right now is the development and expansion of our own retail stores, as well as the promotion and training of our franchisees" - says Anastasia Vasilkova, Development Director of TM Choupette.

Choupette invited Lynn Irons — an international business consultant, to develop new methodologies for managing development processes. Testing of own personnel, products of the company and corporate University was carried out. Choupette University is created primarily for a wide network of brand franchisees. Its main task is to facilitate the processes of entrepreneurs to open and develop the brand in the regions, as well as to standardize and speed up the training of personnel. As a result of the internal audit, it was decided to launch a new project in a pilot mode.

"Of course it is an intrigue, and we will not disclose all the details of the new project and how we plan to achieve results at the launch stage. At the initial stage, we will involve 22 of our franchisees and if the pilot project gives good results, it will be launched to all partners of the network, " Anastasia Vasilkova shared.

If you open the veil of secrecy, the project is based on the synergy of existing processes in Choupette and experience of Lynn Irons in a deep personal vision of the client to its maximum results on the basis of the methodology developed for Choupette.

Lynn irons, an international business coach and consultant for more than 40 years, has conducted workshops and trainings in more than 26 countries. Last 4 years worked in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. He built a consulting company in America, trained 25 consultants to make clients successful. At one time, Lynn was the owner of the franchise, which he bought at the failing stage, and in just 2 years made this franchise a successful business, which entered the top of international rankings.

"The development of the franchise has two goals, the first- to strive to become more successful, the second — the desire to become richer and get more profit. I am very excited to work with Choupette and was incredibly impressed with the whole team, from their professionalism and desire to develop to enthusiasm. Therefore, I am absolutely sure that our jointly developed ideas fall on a very productive and fertile soil, and will yield the expected results. Choupette is a unique project of a business model in the Russian market", - Lynn irons shares her impressions about the project.

Business transformation leads to the concept transformation — so the continuous development of the brand Choupette resulted in the opening of the flagship store in the "Neoclassical" style in the shopping center "Oceania", a platform for more than 300 well-known international and Russian brands. Change in the approach to the outlets due to the strong growth of the brand: increased the average area of shops of a network - new concept involves 100 sq. m., increased product range and expanded the age group to 12 years, a new collaboration by commodity groups. The architect of the new concept was not only able to meet the needs of the growing brand, but also the most important thing — he was able to preserve the atmosphere of Choupette, emphasizing its relevance and uniqueness. The Central art object of the concept becomes an updated symbol of the brand, which could not be overlooked by both buyers and market experts.

"I feel that the concept has been seriously worked on. So attention is drawn not only to the aesthetic side, which is carefully worked out - the combination of color, art object in the form of a hanging carousel, but also very thoughtfully worked out the functionality of the concept, which creates this extraordinary magnetism of the store", - says Peter Yudin, Executive Director of the Academy of Retail.

The Grand opening was held on July 20. More then 200 guests and 10 well-known influencers attended, everyone was happy to photograph and make videos of their children, which allowed the brand to increase the audience coverage in social networks and brand awareness among potential buyers. The fashion stylist was helping to choose the perfect uniform for those who are preparing for the school season. The most active has received a stylish gift from the brand.

In addition to the current collections, buyers were able to see the new collections of the next autumn-winter 19/20 season in the Choupette Fashion Magazine. Pre-collections have already collected reviews from franchisees and partners and will certainly be a commercial success.

On July 11 was the Grand opening of the Choupette store in Novokuznetsk! The new store was the first one made in the new concept - stylish "Neoclassical".

Now shopping has become even more convenient! There was a zoning by age groups, recreation areas. Pleasant soft light and gentle atmosphere doesn't distract you from the choosing.

Guests called the store "the Entrance to the magical world of children's fashion."

On the shelves you can find all the current fashion collections, ceremonial clothes, school uniforms, looks for newborns, baptismal clothes, children's shoes and accessories.

Be in trend with Choupette!

The brand took 5th position in the ranking of the TOP 500 franchises, prepared by the Analytical Department of the portal BEBOSS. Choupette was ahead of brands such as TOM TAILOR, Вefree, INCANTO and Stilnyashka.

Each company, developing under the franchising system, was evaluated according to 27 criteria, passed the test of legal purity and effectiveness of the sales Department by the method of "mystery shopper".

Today the brand chain Choupette has more than 100 stores. The company is actively developing its own franchise program. The franchisee becomes a part of the time-tested and market-tested system, getting a ready-made concept and products, which in just a decade managed to gain a leading position in the market.