On February 13th Anastasia Vasilkova, one of the foundes and development director of TM Choupette, took part in  broadcast "DA-IGRA!" on Mediametriks channel with Antonina Tsitsulina.

Antonina Tsitsulina - the president of enterprises of children's goods Association and the founder of  "Gold Bear Cub" award conducted an interview with Anastasia in live dialogue format in  broadcast called "DA-IGRA!". This time subject was "The fashion for export". In the course of the interview such subjects as following were brought up: export of kidswear from Russia, is it easy to make them in our country and what support is vital to the enterprises of a light manufacturing of kidswear.

You can check the broadcast by clicking the link:

On February 8th, a presentation of the new Choupette spring-summer 2019 collections took place as part of the opening of Stockmann in TH “Fashion season”.

Famous bloggers and guests of the event took part in a master class from First Channel stylist Yevgenia Artyomova - she is responsible for the Fashion Tips section in the "Modniy Prigovor" program. The stylist showed how to wear metallic fabric, mix sequins and denim, how to choose elegant dresses and comfortable looks for going out.

"Without any doubt, these collections will win the hearts of customers, fresh and bright for evening outings and parties, but at the same time gentle and cute "girly" looks filled with pink. Faux fur, volume prints, airy dresses with pink feathers, jeans with appliqués and sequins - Choupette designers took into account all the fashion trends and embodied them in new collection images. For boys we have a truly brutal "Street" collection, with designer prints, graphic decors and trendy reflective ribbons ", - stylist Yevgeniya Artyomova shared her impressions.

The international children's fashion exhibition Pitti Immagine Bimbo 2019 started on January 17th in Italy. Russian kidswear brand Choupette presented fall-winter 2019/20 collection in a special KidzFIZZ zone in Medici pavilion in Florence, in which the most «artsy» and creative brands from around the world are collected. Pitti Immagine Bimbo – one of the largest and most prestigious international actions for professionals in children's fashion sphere. This exhibition is a great opportunity for participants and visitors to collect contacts, to exchange experience, to hold negotiations, to sign mutually advantageous contracts.

"We can definitely feel bigger activity in comparison with the past 2018 year. The number of buyers in the first day and interest to TM Choupette in general has increased. It is due to the fact that our brand is already third time participant in an exhibition and gained trust of the visitors, and those who were considering to buy the first two seasons are now coming to sign contracts, - Anastasia Vasilkova, the development director of TM Choupette comments. - Certainly, Pitti Bimbo is considered the worlds main source of information on clothing collections for kids and teenagers".

The exhibition has well deserved reputation, and its constantly growing number of visitors proves that - in June 2018 it reached more than 10,000 buyers. The products were presented by over 500 exhibitors. The exhibition area was 47,000 square meters.

Moscow, December, 2018: The Russian brand Choupette  took part in one of the best-known fashion shows in the  country "Modniy Prigovor". In honor of Alexander Vasilyev's anniversary there was held a short  show called "Defile with pugs" on the main podium of the country in which young models showed elegant and recognizable images of Alexander Vasilyev.

Young gentlemens presented three images from a fashion collection "Ceremony": a solemn suit with a velvet jacket of bottle colored glass with satin lapels and chevrons, a classical soft jacket with blue stripes and a club  blazer in a gray-black cells, with an impudent striped collar and a chevron. Carefully simulated images of the famous fashion historian and the real fop Alexander Vasilyev embodied in children,left nobody indifferent.

Todays trends of adult evening fashion extend also to children's fashion for festive occasions. However, childrens fashion, first of all, always will have a goal to be practical and convenient. Choupette presents  fashion collections of ceremonial dresses for children from 0 to 12 years, covering such important events in life of the kid and his/her parents as: first hospital leave, a baptism, the first birthday, the first morning appearance in kindergarden and the first ball. 

TM Choupette  gives an opportunity to make total look while preparing for a holiday with only one visit to our  shop. To choose elegant footwear to a dress or a suit. For classics lovers  Choupette always have 2nd-suits, shirts and ties butterflies. Lovers of the street culture will find modern bright trousers in a combination with a french jacket  decorated with tapes  for an event appearance.