On May 19, the main fashion show of this summer was held at the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka.

Choupette, for the umpteenth time, took part in the seasonal fashion show in the Main Atrium under the slogan “When fashion is not a toy”. The guests of the event could enjoy the defile, the musical and theatrical program “Around the World!” With dances, the quest “In Search of a Magic Card” and a quiz. Alexandra Kudryavtseva opened the show in Choupette spring-summer 2019 collection total look with the song "Light".

Choupette showed magnificent special occasion dresses from the Ceremony collection, as the graduation season is already in full swing. A large selection of elegant dresses for girls and stylish suits for boys won't leave
a single kid without a perfect prom look! All outfits demonstrated at the show, the guests were able to buy in the Choupette store on the 3rd floor of CDM!

Be in trend with Choupette!

The Russian designer kidswear brand Choupette for the first time released special capsule collection for orthodox and Muslim regions.

"This spring-summer season collection of elegant dresses was created with small adjustment in design features: longer skirts, the closed shoulders, lack of transparent elements. At the same time the style and, of course, quality of Choupette remains. So far it is very limited line, but we have demand for it, in Russia and abroad, - comments Anastasiya Vasilkova , the development director of TM Choupette. - Initially we planned it for the Middle East, but as a result made collection slightly bigger to test also in our country. This collection is not presented in all Choupette stores".

Let's remind, last spring Choupette opened a signature corner in Dubai. It took place in Dubai Mall. The corner is a part of multibrand shop of fashionable clothes for children. In the closest future brand is planning to open a flagman boutique in the UAE .

It should be noted that the direction representing "decent fashion" (Modest Fashion) promptly develops today around the world. This trend is winning the increasing audience, becoming beyond religious, cultural, public or political trends. Not only small designers, but also global brands are releasing capsule collections, and large retailers are opening themed sections answering to inquiries modest fashion consumers.

We are very glad to share those happy news with you!

Luxury boutique Choupette opened in Krasnoyarsk, Shopping mall "Planet" 2nd floor!

The new brand store offers a full range of products for newborns, as well as a collection for boys and girls in casual style and for special occasions. Entertainment Park, cinema and bowling - all of this for children's amazing time. And adults can easily go shopping!

We are waiting for you on: st 9 of may, 77 Shopping mall "Planet" 2nd floor Opening hours: Daily from 10 to 22
Phone: +7 923 018 72 82

For the first time at the Dubai Fashion Week kids fashion was presented by a lovely brand Choupette. The word “Choupette” itself translates from French as “Sweetheart found in the cabbage” - that’s how French people call their fashionable kids.

Choupette presented two collections, fashion and special occasion capsules, and the show was held under brands own official soundtrack “Choupette Magic World”. The brand was represented by the creative director and owner of the company, Natalya Alexandrova. “Choupette is a Russian brand of designers kidswear. Founded in 2007 and successfully combining orient romanticism with western competence in fashion it has become now one of the trendsetters in children’s wear in Russia and CIS countries with the network of more then 100 mono brand shops. Choupette’s international presence started from USA and Switzerland and now we are glad to be here in Dubai and considering entrance to the Middle East to be very perspective”, - comments Natalya Alexandrova.

The unique feature of the brand is high flexibility and rapid response to the specific needs of the market. Thus for the Arabic market the brand developed special capsule to meet requirements in modest fashion for girls.

H H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Jouma' Al Maktoum, H H Sheikha Him Al Qasimi, H E Yaqoub Al Ali- Dubai Government, the consuls of France, Romania, Sudan, as well as the famous Russian-Syrian actress Jenny Yesber became the VIP guests invited to the event.

Buyers who had the opportunity to examine the samples on the special booth at the show highly appreciated the balance of quality and price and made the conclusion about good prospects for the collection on the Arabic market. Testing sales in Dubai mall proved this thesis.