Assortment matrix TM Choupette covers a wide target audience and meets the needs of children from 0 to 14 years, including more than 500 articles per season. A diverse assortment of lines allows us to provide consumer interest and demand throughout the year evenly, updating the products every season and delighting customers with thematic capsule collections.

Our customers choose Choupette for three components: quality, design and price. Thanks to the flexible pricing policy and the high quality of the final product, Choupette's clothing is in demand both among a mass buyer with an average income and in the circle of media people.

The constant presence at the epicenter of the events of the children's fashion world, tracking key trends and demonstrating one's own achievements is an important component of the brand's success. That's why TM Choupette is appreciated by both wholesale entrepreneurs and leading children's private labels. TM Choupette is represented in 86 cities of Russia and the world. The structure of the company and its logistics allows us to consider cooperation in different formats of any country in the world.

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