Wild mix

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year – no wonder many poets were praising its special charm in their poems. Choupette designers have dedicated a new collection to daring combinations of colors, textures and silhouettes. Original animal prints, black leather, delicate dusty pink, olive and carmine – all girls will adore this mix. Thanks to color combinations and free cut all models of the collection are universal and suitable for any activities and events. The designers paid special attention to the interesting decor: voluminous fluffy applications and bright accents in the form of pearls, rhinestones and sequins.

Not a single season knew such an abundance of shuttlecocks, quilling and ruffles! In the new collection they appeared not only on skirts and dresses, but also became an indispensable part of long sleeve shirts and sweaters. The soft footer textures and creative knitwear, casual silhouettes combined with fashionable accents and faux fur accessories make this collection a must-have for the fall-winter season.