Franchising program

The children clothing brand Choupette offers a vast range of merchandise for children: designer clothing for daily life and for special occasions (for children aged 0-8), school uniforms (for children up to age 12), luxurious sleep nests and outfits for newborns, baptismal clothing, children’s underwear, bedding linens, luxurious furniture, and accessories for children’s bedrooms.

The fact of manufacturing in Russia, the use of European fabrics, and strong quality controls, collaborate in creating high-quality goods at a reasonable price. Choupette main offices, as well as warehouses are situated in Moscow, thus making possible to update the merchandise in the shops regularly.

Choupette flagship stores are located in Moscow, while more than 80 franchise stores can be found in the most important cities of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, and Kazakhstan.

A vast advertising action is carried out in middle and upper-middle class circles: partaking in specialized exhibition, advertisement and PR in leading magazines, collaboration with celebrities, and cross-promotion.

The vast product line (about 400 items), the excellent price/quality ratio, a seasonal collection update, and the launch of thematic mini-collections, make the brand attractive for franchisees, as it gives the possibility to customize single brand stores, and to hold the costumers’ interest through time.


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Franchise package by Choupette TM

  • Exclusive rights (cities with population over 300 000) and/or priority right of opening two subsequent stores (for cities with population over a million) selling Choupette production in a specific geographical area.
  • Ready-made business with standard business processes. Franchises are provided with the full package for the launch of the store.
  • Franchisees are provided with the full package for the launch of the store.
  • Absence of monthly royalty payments.
  • 10% discount on wholesale price.
  • Possible return of seasonal production in the amount of 10% from the average monthly sales turnover (as offsetting on new collections).



Start-up (lump-sum) payment

$ 2 600

Investments (first purchase of goods included)

$ 50 000

Recoupment period

From 6 months to 1 year


Requirements for the opening a Choupette store

  • A display and sales area of at least 45 sq. m., and the best - 55-60 sq. m.
  • Binding formal approval of the store site, and renewal according to a project given by the head office.
  • Agreement to adhere to all requests from the head office regarding store deign, stock-list, and respect of the brand style.
  • First purchase according to the established stock-list. 
  • Compulsory purchase of new seasonal collections.
  • Trade of Choupette merchandise only, with the possibility of sorting with items of nonintersecting classes of goods.
  • The desire of growing together!

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