Mango sorbet

Hot tropics. The sun is at its zenith, and the warm breeze carries away the sweet scent of mango. The bright green tropical trees are ripe with juicy fruits. Huge butterflies flutter around: emerald, blue, yellow, orange, indigo and fuchsia.


The natural riot of colors amazes,  but at the same time all shades are harmoniously combined with each other.

The CHOUPETTE “Mango Sorbet” collection reflects the main trends of summer 2022. Tropical butterflies and mango trees are the main characters of the new line. The vibrant yellow, green, orange and pink colors are balanced by white and black.

Mix and match different models!

You can create a succulent total look with a tropical print, or a more relaxed one.All models are made of natural fabrics, which are perfect for hot summers. 

Sandals, sneakers and handbags in neutral shades will complement your look.