The Russian brand of a kidswear has participated in the 21st international exhibition "CJF – Children's fashion of 2018. Fall". Choupette has shown new collections of clothes fall-winter 2018-2019: Magic Light, Anti-princess, Moonwalk which are already available on sale. Choupette production has invariable success among visitors and professional buyers. The brand Choupette has got more than 100 new contacts in the professional environment on CJF 2018 despite pessimistic mood in a retail. The director of development Anastasia Vasilkova has communicated with journalists of B2B editions and has given several interview about today's situation in the sphere of a kidswear and a possible way of development. The Choupette brand has also been presented at the stand of Minpromtorg as the checked and recommended Russian manufacturer. The collection for newborn of Choupette has been recommended for the federal program "Gift to the Newborn": boxes from the Russian manufacturer with objects of child care which hand to each young mother at an extract from maternity hospital.

From 26 to 30 September in Sochi there has taken place five-day fashion show in which the russian brand Choupette kidswear has taken part. Choupette fashion show has opened final day of Sochi Fashion Week. Young models have shown the last Choupette fashion-collections of a season fall-winter 2018-2019 and also the festive clothes collection Special Occasion. In this season designers of a brand have prepared three new collections: Magic light and Anti-princess are for girls and Moonwalk is for boys. In the Light Magic there are emphasis on a combination of complex materials - a velvet, the flying fabrics, feathers and faux fur. Bright dresses and cardigans from nap knitwear are represented in the Anti-princess collection. Perfectly unusual plush brooches in the form of bears, elephants and other funny small animals supplement images. And for boys in this season designers have prepared the collection inspiring on opening of the new worlds. Metallic, textured jersey, silvery dusting is the main lines of the new futuristic collection Moonwalk. The collection Special Occasion for girls offers magnificent dresses of various styles, pastel colors and decor following the main trend of adult fashion. The festive clothes from Choupette are allocated by the flying fabrics, magnificent skirts, gentle pastel shades.

In this season Choupette released a test mini- line in the military style with patriotic symbols TM "Army of Russia". For the first time a new line was presented at the competition "Tank biathlon-2018" and in the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2018" at which it received rave reviews from visitors. As a result of record sales, it was decided to create several more lines in the military style TM "Army of Russia" in the following seasons. On August 26 within the International Military Technical Forum "Army-2018" in the Congress -exhibition center "Patriot" the Choupette brand held a master class on t-shirt decoration. The master class was organized on the basis of the stand of the company" Army of Russia", for which Choupette makes licensed products. Forum visitors were invited to create an exclusive t-shirt from Choupette for themselves or their loved ones! Buy a line in the style of military possible in the retail stores "Army of Russia" or on the site -

In St. Petersburg opened a new corner in Stockmann of shopping mall Nevsky Center. All the most stylish new items of this season are already on sale!